LP Challenges

laissez passer    January 8, 2020    Comments Off on LP Challenges

Education and awareness are key elements for the usage of relatively rare documents. Therefore, Commission representatives are actively spreading the word about the European Union Laissez-Passer. Even after 4 years in circulation, it is not yet widely known and more education work is necessary.

Most recently, Mrs. Maresa Meissl, Head of Unit HR.DS.3 Information Security, gave a presentation during the Intergraf Security Printer’s Conference in Copenhagen speaking about acceptance, entitlement and border issues of the EU laissez-passer. The interested audience consisted of representatives of IATA; IOM, Interpol and other international organisations, as well as border management staff of many European, as well as some African and Asian countries. This presentation was one of a series of other events that is targeted to eliminate the remaining recognition issues of the EU LP.

Photo: Mrs. Meissl (far right) in discussion with experts on border management issues, October 2019