Where and how to get

How do I get a Laissez-Passer?

Issuing a Laissez-Passer is a process authorized by your Institution and following three steps:

  • Application
  • Enrolment
  • Delivery

To apply for a Laissez-Passer:

  • Download the new application and delivery form and complete point 5 of Part I – Pre-enrolment. Pay attention to copy EXACTLY what is on your national passport. Date and sign it as applicant.
  • Send it or have it sent by your laissez-passer contact person together with a copy of your national passport, and if contract agent a copy of your work contract, to the Laissez-Passer service within your Institution.

After approval of your application, the Laissez-Passer service within your Institution will trigger your enrolment in one of the locations managed by the Commission EU LP central service.

To enrol you will need:

  • Your national passport or any other e-identity national document
  • The paper version of the new application form as signed by your issuing Institution
  • Your service card
  • The photocopy of the laissez-passer data page or of the application form of the related official (for family members).

For capturing the biometric data, a personal visit to one of the enrolment centres is compulsory. Enrolment takes place in one of the three enrolment and delivery centres:

In Brussels: European Commission (EC) BREYDEL2, Entry 25 rue Breydel
Opening hours: 08:30-16:30

In Luxembourg: European Commission (EC) Drosbach Building, office B2/079, 12 Rue Guillaume Kroll – 1882 Luxembourg
Opening hours: Monday and Thurday: 08:30-12:30

In Frankfurt: European Central Bank (ECB) Sonnemannstrasse 20 – 60314 Frankfurt-am-Main
Opening hours: 09:00-13:00

To receive your Laissez-Passer:

A couple of working days after your enrolment, the Commission EU LP central service will notify you of the availability of your new laissez-passer. You should then come personally to the enrolment and delivery centre to retrieve the document bringing with you:

  • Your national passport or any other e-identity national document
  • Your copy of the new application form Part II – Enrolment which you received during enrolment
  • Your service card

Procuration for a laissez-passer delivery is not supported. By way of exception, the remote delivery of the personalised laissez-passer can be authorised by the issuing Institution.


  Application Form (PDF)
  Application Form (DOC)